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Fiber Optic Cable

Toray Plastic Fiber Optic Cable

    Various model for different applications

    Single-core and Multi-core POF, outside with PVC jacket, effectively protecting the bare fiber from damage

    Fiber cores is soft, can be bent, extended into a small space

    Environmental protection, non-toxic, non-metallic, recyclable

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    Product Item: Toray Plastic Fiber Cable

    Model Core Dia./QTY O.D. Packing Outter Materials Loss (dB/km)
    PGS-CD501-13EK 0.5mm×1 1.3±0.05 500 PE 220
    PGS-CD501-13ES 0.5mm×1 1.3±0.05 500 PE 220
    PGS-CD502-13EKV 0.5mm×2 1.3×2.6±0.1 500 PE 220
    PJS-LG250-7E13 0.25mm×7 1.3±0.05 500 PE 300
    PFU-CD752-22-E 0.75mm×2 2.2*4.4±0.05 500 PE/PVC 150
    PGS-CD1002-22E 1.0mm×2 2.2*4.4±0.05 500 PE/PVC 180
    PGS-LG265-32E28 0.265mm×32 2.8±0.05 500 PE 300
    PFU-CD1001-22E 1.0mm×1 2.2±0.05 500 PE 150
    PGS-CD1001-22E 1.0mm×1 2.2±0.05 500 PE 180
    PGS-CD1501-22E 1.5mm×1 2.2±0.05 500 PE 180
    PGS-CD751-22E 0.75mm×1 2.2±0.05 500 PE 180
    PGS-LG265-16E22 0.265mm×16 2.2±0.05 500 PE 300
    PJS-CD1001-22E 1.0mm×1 2.2±0.05 500 PE 180
    PGS-CD1002-13EKV 1.0mm×1 1.3*2.6±0.05 500 PE 180
    PGS-CD502-10E 0.5mm×2 1.0×2±0.1 500 PE 220
    PGS-CD501-10E 0.5mm×1 1.0±0.05 500 PE 220
    PGS-CD751-13E 0.75mm×1 1.3±0.05 500 PE 180
    PGS-LG265-4E10 0.265mm×4 1.0±0.05 500 PE 300
    PGS-LG265-8E13 0.265mm×8 1.3±0.05 500 PE 600
    PJS-LG250-9E13 0.25mm×9 1.3±0.05 500 PE 300
    PGS-CD1001-13E 1.0mm×1 1.3±0.05 500 PE 180
    PGS-CD265-10E 0.265mm×1 1.0±0.05 500 PE 300
    PGS-CD1002-13ES 1.0mm×1 1.3*2.6±0.05 500 PE 180
    PJS-CD501-10E 0.5mm×1 1.0±0.05 500 PE 220

    Product Item: Toray Plastic Fiber Cable

    Japan's imports of plastic optical fiber and cable Toray, standing a variety of large quantities of inventory specifications, quality trusted and cheap cost. Toray plastic optical fiber is widely used in industrial, lighting, medical, sensing and other applications.

    Our lighting grade PMMA plastic optical fiber, from bare fiber to single-core optical fiber cable, from multi-core to stranded fiber optic cable, a free combination of different products to meet a variety of fiber optic lighting applications.

    LED light source through the plastic optical fiber, can be directed to any position or direction, we can dot in the fiber side, leakage spot, a number of light leakage fiber optic fiber curtain effect can be formed, can also be combined into a variety of fiber optic or fiber optic lights Hotels, clubs, conference rooms, nightclubs, bars, KTV, cultural relics lighting, jewelry lighting, solar light guide, and so on, can be used in industrial transmission, optical lighting, reception hall.

    Toray Plastic Fiber Optic Cable

    Product Item: Toray Plastic Fiber Cable
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