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Multi-Branched Fiber Optic Bundles

    The optical fiber has multiple optical ports or optical ports

    Various sizes and distributions can be customized
    Can provide a wide spectral conductance (190nm-2500nm)

    A variety of standard interfaces are available to couple LED & Halogen light sources

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    Product Item: Multi-Branched Fiber Optic Bundles

    Model Core Dia. Fiber material Length Tubes Spectral range
    POFC-S7H-1000-F3 7mm PMMA 1000mm Flexible SUS 380 ~ 780nm
    GOFC-S7H-2000-F3 7mm GOF 2000mm Flexible SUS 400 ~ 1400nm
    POFC-S8H-1000-F4 8mm PMMA 1000mm Flexible SUS        380 ~ 780nm
    GOFC-S8H-2000-F4 8mm GOF 2000mm Flexible SUS 400 ~1400nm
    POFC-S3.7H-308-P8 3.7mm PMMA 308mm Plastic Tube 380 ~ 780nm
    GOFC-S3.7H-308-P8 3.7mm GOF 308mm Plastic Tube 400 ~ 1400nm
    DT-950 PMMA 3000mm Flexible 380 ~780nm
    DT-860 PMMA 3000mm Flexible 380 ~ 780nm
    SOFC-S2.8H-360-P8 2.8mm Silica Fiber 360mm Plastic Tube 190 ~ 1100nm
    SOFC-S7H-1000-F4 7mm Silica Fiber 1000mm Flexible SUS 400 ~ 1700nm
    GOFC-S12H-3000-P9 12mm GOF 3000mm Plastic Tube 400 ~ 1400nm

    Other dimensions can be customized. 

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    Product Item: Multi-Branched Fiber Optic Bundles

    Including multi-input and multi-output Fiber Optic Bundles, multi-tube fiber bundle can be used for jewelry lighting, decorative lighting, UV curing, microplate reader, biochemical analyzer, color printing and other fields.

    HECHO offers a wide range of optical fiber light guides for use in a wide variety of spectral ranges from low-loss plastic fibers, glass fibers, and quartz fibers.

    According to customer requirements to provide OEM and ODM services.

    The internal light guide fiber material can be arranged according to the requirements of uniform distribution, spacing distribution, concentric distribution and so on. 

    Multi-branched optical fiber bundle can be applied to industrial automation, medical, optical, scientific research, display lighting and other industries. Such as spectral analysis, museum heritage lighting, UV curing, India sets of brushes, biochemical equipment, such as analysis purposes.


     Tight bending radius for easy routing.

     A variety of standard sizes in dual and quad configurations. 

     Multi-leg bundles are illuminated with one light source.

     The standard output ferrules accept spot lenses with or without polarizing caps.

     The bundles can be used with other manufacturer’s continuous light sources. Adaptors may be required.

     Custom configurations are available. Lead time is required.

     Manufactured in China.

    Product Item: Multi-Branched Fiber Optic Bundles

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