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Nanjing Hecho Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading Fiber Optic Transmission Solution provider in China. We provide innovative technology and product solutions for customers in many countries around the world, so that the company and customers can enjoy the value brought by innovation. From the initial Plastic Optical Fiber manufactur...

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  • Line lights

    Fiber Optic Line Lights

    Fiber Optic Line Light Guide providing the uniform lines of white light for Machine Vision and Inspection applications. Read More
  • Microscope Illuminators

    Fiber Optical Microscope Illuminators

    Fiber Optic Ring Light emit intense, uniform, and shadow-free illumination for Machine Vision and Microscopy applications. Read More
  • Fiber Optic Bundles

    Multi-Branched Fiber Optic Bundles

    Multi-Branched Fiber Optic Bundles Including multi-input and multi-output optical fiber bundles, multi-tube fiber can be used for jewelry lighting, decorative lighting, UV curing, microplate reader, biochemical analyzer, color printing and other fields. Read More
  • Fiber Optic Light Guide

    Flexible Fiber Optic Light Guide

    Flexible Fiber Optic Light Guide for versatility in routing and positioning of light, Flexible Fiber Bundles are your best solution. Read More
  • LED Light Source

    60W LED Light Source S5000

    The highest brightness LED cold light source in field, to achieve more than 250W metal Halide Light Source light output. Equipped with 5u response time high-speed trigger function, providing high brightness lighting, color temperature 6500K and 5400K optional. Read More
  • Halogen Light Source

    150W Halogen Light Source

    Halogen Light Source using a wide voltage input slow start design, vertical compact design saves users desktop space. 0-100% linear dimming design to meet customer higher requirements. Read More
  • LDI Fiber

    Laser Direct Imaging LDI Fiber Bundle

    Hecho supply the multi-mode LDI Fiber Bundle, single output, and multi-branched output can be customized. Chooses 125um quartz double-clad LDI fiber drawn from German Heraeus preform, standard ST/FC input, circular or linear output can be customized, stable and reliable performance. Read More
  • Heat Resistant Fiber Optic Sensor

    Heat-Resistant Fiber Optic Sensor Heads

    Heat Resistant Fiber Optic Sensor suitable for the high temperature occasion of heat-resistant, maximum under 350°C, which widely used in Semiconductor / Display industry, OEM Fiber Optic Cable is available. The wide range of heat resistant fibers provides a long sensor lifetime with the highest protection in demanding environments. Models offer protection to 100°C, 150°C, 200°C, 300°C, 350°C or 400°C. Read More
  • Fiber Optic Illuminator

    LED Fiber Optic Illuminator S3000D

    Digital control, Continuous current regulation, Secondary current protection; High brightness LED and unique condenser system, the overall cooling structure design, S3000 LED cold light source to achieve high power output under high brightness and long life. Read More

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  • Mar 7,2023.

    Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)
    Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) The Linear Optical Fiber Light Guide developed by Hecho Technology provides highly uniform and seamless linear lighting, which is an ideal light source for linear array cameras. It has been widely used in AOI (industrial automatic detection) to check... Read More
  • Jan 13,2023.

    Holiday Notice -2023 Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)
    Holiday Notice -2023 Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) Dear Customers,  The Spring Festival is the largest traditional festival in China. People who have worked hard for a year have come home from all over the country to reunite with their relatives. According to the notice of the General Office of ... Read More
  • Dec 29,2022.

    Semiconductor: The world will fall 4% next year
    Semiconductor: The world will fall 4% next year Since 2020, the global semiconductor industry has always occupied headlines, and the world has forced the world to stop working. At the same time, the impact of digitalization on life and enterprises is accelerating the development of unprecedented s... Read More

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