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Medical Laser

Medical Laser

 Hecho uses German Heraeus fiber preformed rod as fiber core material, which is mainly used in holmium laser, laser and other fields.

  • #  Holmium laser
    The main application of holmium laser is in urology, for example, in the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia, bladder tumors, ureteral stones and other diseases. Holmium laser cuts, evaporand solidifies tissue, and is therefore used to precisely remove a patient's diseased tissue during surgery. In addition, the holmium laser is also used in the field of skin beauty. Through the development of holmium laser, skin blemishes such as brown spots, color spots and red blood silk can be effectively eliminated.
  • # Thulium laser
    Laser is mainly used for medical cosmetology, such as freckle removal, nevus removal, hair removal, etc., and can also be used for ophthalmic treatment, dental treatment, etc. In ophthalmology, laser can be used for glaucoma surgery; in dentistry, laser can be used for root canal treatment and dental caries treatment. In addition, laser can also be used for laser treatment of tumors, varicose veins, hemangioma, diabetic retinopathy, skin diseases and other diseases. It is worth mentioning that laser can also be used in medical treatment and scientific research in laser surgery, including laser cutting, laser volatilization, laser thermal coagulation, laser cutting and so on.
  • # carbon dioxide laser
    Carbon dioxide laser is mainly used in the medical field of laser for removing freckles, which can be used to remove freckles, liver spots, brown spots and other pigmented skin diseases; and is used in various operations. For example: oral and maxillofacial, skin lesions, gynecological surgery, etc.; for scar and scar treatment, condyloma, cervical cancer, oral cancer and other cancers; carbon dioxide laser through the skin heat damage, stimulate skin cell regeneration. It can be used for skin shaping and repair to make the skin smoother, tighter and more elastic.


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