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Optics and Spectroscopy

Optics and Spectroscopy

Hecho always adheres to the development and innovation, with optical transmission solutions from deep ultraviolet to mid-infrared band.

  • # Optical fiber spectrometer
    In contrast to conventional spectrometers, fiber optic spectrometers do not need to transmit the optical signal to a separate detector, but rather to a detector away from the sample for detection. Optical fiber spectrometer has the advantages of flexibility, portability, anti-interference, high noise suppression and scalability.
  • # The microscope was illuminated
    For special microscopes, such as fluorescence and confocal microscopes, a light source that is stable and capable of control of intensity and direction is needed in order to achieve accurate imaging and measurement. In this case, the optical fiber can act as a light source. By changing the length and Angle of the optical fiber and other parameters, the intensity and direction of the light can be accurately controlled to achieve the effect of accurate measurement. At the same time, the optical fiber can also prevent the microscope from producing light source vibration and interference problems, and improve the imaging quality and reliability.
  • # Lens imaging quality analysis of the MTF
    The application of optical fiber in MTF analysis is to analyze the MTF performance of the imaging system by connecting the optical fiber to the imaging system, withdrawing the light from the imaging system and transmitting it to the test instrument. By using optical fiber, researchers can transmit light to remote test devices, making it easier to test and optimize imaging systems. In addition, the fiber can increase the repetition and accuracy of the test and reduce the error in the test.


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