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OEM&ODM Service

OEM&ODM Service

The company's products can also be applied in environmental protection monitoring, semiconductor, in vitro diagnosis, Heritage Expo lighting, wind power cable and many other fields, to provide customized services.

  • #  Colour control system
    On printing machines, color sensors can accurately monitor the stability and accuracy of output colors, and a fiber-optic transmission system can transmit these signals to the control room. Through the hologram technology, optical fibers can also measure and compare the transport characteristics between different color compensation plates and adjustment plates, thus optimizing the consistency of printed colors. In addition, the optical fiber can also be used for lighting in the color control system. With proper layout and control, the lighting of optical fiber can optimize the color stability and accuracy of printing equipment, thus achieving higher quality printed matter.
  • #  Infrared polarized light therapy apparatus
    Infrared polarized light therapy instrument is usually used to treat trauma, arthritis, lumbar disc herniation and other diseases. In the process of treatment, the optical fiber can well control the output of the laser, so that it can achieve the effect of precise treatment, and can adjust the power and irradiation range of the laser by changing the diameter, length and position of the optical fiber, so as to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. In practice, the application of optical fiber can also greatly reduce the volume and weight of the therapeutic device, making it easier to carry and operate.
  • # PCR fibre-optical
    Compared with the conventional PCR detection method, the optical detection in the PCR reaction system has the advantages of simple operation, high accuracy and good stability. In the PCR reaction system, the optical fiber can be used to monitor the fluorescence signal during the reaction, and to transmit the signal obtained by the reaction to the detection instrument for detection and analysis. Meanwhile, PCR fiber can provide better signal to noise ratio, thus improving the detection sensitivity of PCR reaction, and helping to improve the accuracy and reliability of PCR detection.


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