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industrial laser

industrial laser

Hecho launched LDI, laser tail fiber and other related products, which are deeply used in semiconductors, electronic components, packaging, machine tools and automation equipment and many other scenarios.

  • # Laser direct imaging
    LDI, a technique that uses a laser beam to expose it directly on a photosensitive material. Unlike the traditional lithography technology, LDI has the advantages of high resolution, high precision, high efficiency, no contact and environmental protection. It is widely used in PCB manufacturing, optical manufacturing, microelectronics manufacturing and precision process manufacturing.
  • #  Laser tail fiber
    Laser tail fiber is a fiber that can transmit laser signal, and its section size is much smaller than ordinary fiber, which can achieve higher optical coupling efficiency and smaller detector size. Due to its unique advantages, laser tail fiber has been widely used in many fields.
  • # laser beam welding
    Laser welding is a technology that uses a laser beam to melt or fuse the surface of a material. It can be applied to many fields, such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, etc. The advantages of laser welding include precision welding, high efficiency, no additional materials, small weld, fast welding speed, etc.


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