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Industrial Sensing

Industrial Sensing

The optical fiber sensing products produced by Hecho can still bring micron measurement accuracy to the sensing equipment under high temperature and vacuum, and do not take up too much space.

  • #  Fluorescence temperature measurement
    Compared with the traditional temperature measurement methods, optical fiber fluorescence temperature measurement has the advantages of fast measurement response, high measurement accuracy, strong anti-interference ability and reuse. In the industrial field, fiber fluorescent temperature sensors are widely used in temperature measurement of fluids, solids and monitoring of thermodynamic properties. At the same time, in the nuclear power plant, aviation, petrochemical, electric power and other industries, optical fiber fluorescence temperature measurement has also been widely used.
  • #  Blade damage detection
    The laser sensor can measure the morphological information on the surface of the fiber blade and convert it into a digital signal. Analysis of these digital signals can determine whether the fiber blade is damaged or overworn. Compared with other detection means, the laser sensor is more efficient, non-contact, nondestructive, portable and low-cost.
  • # Vibrating disc count judgment
    Vibrating disc counting is a common counting method, which can be used in item counting, particle counting and other application scenarios. The vibration disc count can be perceived and converted into electrical signal output. In practice, optical fiber sensor has high sensitivity, strong reliability and fast response speed, so it is widely used in vibrating disc counting.


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