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Machine vision lighting

Machine vision lighting

Hecho is deep in the AOI field, focusing on providing innovative lighting solutions for machine vision.

  • #  Automate the optical detection
    approach AOI. It is an automated test technology that is commonly used to detect the quality of printed circuit boards (PCB), surface mounting technology (SMT), integrated circuits (IC), and other electronic components. AOI technology uses high-resolution cameras and advanced image processing technology to detect whether electronic components are correctly installed and welded, as well as defects such as open circuits, short circuits, misalignment and so on. The main advantages of AOI technology are that it can improve detection efficiency, reduce detection time, and reduce human error. It has been widely used in the electronic manufacturing industry, and has become an indispensable part of the electronic manufacturing process.
  • #  High power high speed microillumination
    In high-power high-speed microillumination, the optical fiber is usually used as an illumination source. The application of optical fiber can realize multi-angle and uniform lighting, which has the advantages of flexibility, reliability, high efficiency and energy saving. Because the fiber can be bent, it can bring the end of the fiber to difficult locations, which allows for better illumination. In addition, the use of optical fiber as the lighting source can also avoid the impact of the thermal effect on the sample, making the imaging more clear. At the same time, the application of optical fiber can also separate the light source and the control system from the microscope, thus reducing the volume and weight of the instrument, making the microscope easier to control.
  • # Machine vision detection
    In the field of automated production, optical fiber can be used to realize online detection, transmit signals from the detection equipment, realize automatic suppression and control of the equipment, reduce manual intervention and detection error. In addition, the optical fiber can also be used to detect particles in the air, such as particle detection in a dust-free workshop

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