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Fiber Optic Line Lights

    > Line Light Guide, Linear out of light design, can be used with cylindrical condenser lens

    > High-intensity, seamless uniform linear lighting

    > Custom lengths, bundle exits, line widths, and multiple combinations (dual, quad, etc.) can be designed for your unique requirements

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    Product Item: Fiber Optic Line Lights

    Model Core Dia.  Fiber material Length Tubes Lighting Area
    8mm POF 1500mm Flexible SUS 50 x 1mm x 1
    GOFC-L50H-1500-F2 8mm GOF 1500mm Flexible sus 50 x 0.5mm x 2
    POFC-L180H-1500-F1 11.1mm POF 1500mm Flexible SUS 180 x 0.5mm x 1
    GOFC-L180H-1500-F1 10.7mm GOF 1500mm Flexible SUS 180 x 0.5mm x 1
    POFC-L1260H-2000-F7 11.1mm X 7 POF 2000mm Flexible SUS 1260 x 0.5mm x 1

    Line Light Guides, Other dimension can be customized.

    GOFC series Compatiable with HECHO Fiber Optic Illuminators: LED light source: S3000/S5000; Halogen light source: H-100/H-150/B5100/B5200

    POFC series Compatiable with Hecho Fiber Optic Illuminators: LED light source: S3000; Halogen light source: H-100/H-150/B5100/B5200.

    Product Item: Fiber Optic Line Lights

    Fiber Optic Light Lines with uniform line lights for Machine Vision and Inspection applications.

    The Linear Light Guide provides high uniform and seamless line light illumination, which is the ideal light source for linear array camera. Used in AOI inspection LDC, PDP and other glass plate, substrate or chip type object,

    When the need for long-line light illumination, through the multi-branch into the light, can be used with a number of cold light source to form a uniform illumination.

    With the use of cylindrical condenser lens and smooth film, can form a higher density and uniform line light source, to meet the requirements of higher resolution.

    Fiber Optic Line Light Guide can be applied to industrial automation, optical, scientific research. Such as machine vision lighting, AOI detection, pinhole detection and other purposes.


    Rugged aluminum body with black anodized finish.

    PVC covered metal or stainless steel tubing protect the fiber bundle.

    Lightline holders and support products available.

    Cylindrical and apertured lenses are available as standard products for most lightline models.

    High quality raw materials: Schott Glass Fiber or Mitsubishi POF.

    Fiber Optic Line Light Guide

    Product Item: Fiber Optic Line Lights

    Fiber Optic Line Light GuideFiber Optic Light LightFiber Optic Line Light Guide

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