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Multimode Silica Fiber Bundle

    Silica Fiber Optic Materials

    NA 0.22/0.37 for choose

    Standard connectors: SMA905, SMA906, ST, FC, etc...

    Avail configuration: Straight, Y-shape, Z-shape, Round, Linear, Bifurcated fiber bundles, etc...

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    Product Item: Multimode Silica Fiber Bundle

    Fiber Type  HCS / PCS
     Single fiber diameter  200/300/400/600/800um
     Length  Customized
     Wavelength  190~1100nm / 350~1700nm / 400~2500nm
     N.A.  0.22 / 0.37
    Transmission efficiency  ≥80% (632.8nm)
     Connector  SMA905 / SMA906 / FC / ST / etc...

    Multimode Silica Fiber Bundles

    Product Item: Multimode Silica Fiber Bundle

    HECHO offers multi-mode fiber bundles in straight, bifurcated bundles (Y-shape), or fan-out configurations and round or linear bundle end configurations. Hecho fiber optic bundles are terminated with SMA905 connectors and are offered with high OH fiber, low OH fiber. Our bifurcated optogenetics cable feature SMA905 or FC/PC connectors and two ferrules. We also offer bifurcated reflection probes that are available with either SMA905-terminated or Ø1/4" probe sample legs, which can optionally include a source reference leg. Also available is a transmission dip probe with a Ø1/4" probe sample leg and different length probe tips. Custom configurations are also available.

    Product Item: Multimode Silica Fiber Bundle

    Multimode Silica Fiber BundlesMultimode Silica Fiber Bundles

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