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Fiber Optical Microscope Illuminators

    Ring lights with 360° circular light design

    High uniformity, high brightness, no heat of lighting

    Modified standard and custom ringlights are also available for your unique requirements

    A variety of standard interfaces are available to couple LED & Halogen light sources

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    Product Item: Fiber Optical Microscope Illuminators

    Model Core Dia. Fiber material Length Tubes Working temp.
    POFC-R12H-1500-F1 3.6mm PMMA 1500mm Flexible SUS -40~70
    POFC-R16H-1500-F1 4.1mm PMMA 1500mm Flexible SUS -40~70
    POFC-R16H-2000-F2 5.8mm PMMA 2000mm Flexible SUS -40~70
    POFC-R18H-1500-F1 4.1mm PMMA 1500mm Flexible SUS -40~70
    POFC-R25H-1500-F1 5.6mm PMMA 1500mm Flexible SUS -40~70
    POFC-R31H-1000-F1 8mm PMMA 1000mm Flexible SUS -40~70
    GOFC-R31H-1000-F1 8mm GOF 1000mm Flexible SUS -40~200
    POFC-R50H-1000-F1 10.5mm PMMA 1000mm Flexible SUS -40~70
    GOFC-R50H-1000-F1 10.5mm GOF 1000mm Flexible SUS -40~200
    POFC-R35V-2000-F1 5.6mm PMMA 2000mm Flexible SUS -40~70
    GOFC-R35V-2000-F1 5.6mm GOF 2000mm Flexible SUS -40~200

    Other dimensions can be customized. 

    GOFC series Compatiable with HECHO Fiber Optic Illuminators: LED light source: S3000/S5000; Halogen light source: H-100/H-150/B5100/B5200

    POFC series Compatiable with Hecho Fiber Optic Illuminators: LED light source: S3000; Halogen light source: H-100/H-150/B5100/B5200.

    Product Item: Fiber Optical Microscope Illuminators

    From 360° light, the Ring Light Guide to form a uniform, no heat, high-brightness lighting, Fiber Optic Ring Light for CCD cameras and microscopy, can be customized on-demand various sizes and requirements.

    HECHO can provide multi-angle combination of Fiber Optic Bundles, to achieve the same light source for different working distance requirements.

    Fiber Optic Ring Light can be applied to industrial automation, medical, optical, scientific research. Such as machine vision lighting, microscope lighting, shadowless lighting, and so on.


     Fits microscope and camera objectives from 12 to 81 mm depending on the model number.

     The ringlight body is made of rugged, black anodized aluminum and the fiber bundle is protected with flexible PVC covered metal tubing.

     Unique clamping/mounting system for precise positioning. Most ringlights fit directly onto the microscope and camera objective without adapters.

     Ringlights can be used with other manufacturer’s continuous light sources. Adapters may be required.

     Use ringlights with our Dichroic color filters, diffusers,  olarizer/analyzers, and reflector rings for alternative lighting effects.

     Vertical exit bundle option increases work space and prevents the undle from interfering with surrounding objects.

     Modified standard and custom Fiber Optic Ringlights are also available for your  unique requirements.

    Fiber Optic Ring Lights

    Product Item: Fiber Optical Microscope Illuminators

    Optical Fiber RinglightsFiber Optic Ring Light Guide

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