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Fiber Optic Light Guide For Museum Lighting

    Point lighting can be achieved, the line lighting and surface illumination,

    optical output can reasonably be distributed according to the different exhibits, maximize the

    use of solar energy, reduce glare, to meet the lighting requirements of different cultural relics.

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    Product Item: Fiber Optic Light Guide For Museum Lighting

    Cultural relics lighting system can isolate infrared and UV light. It can suppress the damage from infrared and UV light. Point lighting can be achieved, the line lighting and surface illumination, optical output can reasonably be distributed according to the different exhibits, maximize the use of solar energy, reduce glare, to meet the lighting requirements of different cultural relics.

    Fiber Optic Light Guides offer the benefits of numerous illumination products with only one light source making them cheap, effective alternatives to many other illuminators.

    Product Item: Fiber Optic Light Guide For Museum Lighting

    HECHO offers an integrated fiber optic solution that provides design freedom to create any type of display lighting while controlling every detail and nuance in color, shadow and light. Our fiber optics is designed with a compact size and unique look, featuring the squama structure, which offers highly efficient heat dissipation.

    The Fiber Optics fixture is constructed of die cast aluminum and mounts on a flat surface. It uses a lamp with a 3100K color temperature and 3500 hour potential life. Light outlets are available with different lenses for beam angles ranging from 10 to 45 degrees. The swing angle of the light outlet is up to 60 degrees when installed. Light generators ensure precision color temperature control for perfect balance and a uniform look. A very high color rendering is achieved, with CRI values above 90.

    Fiber Optic Light GuideLight Guide For Museum LightingMuseum Lighting Fiber Optic Cable

    Product Item: Fiber Optic Light Guide For Museum Lighting

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