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High Power Silica Fiber

    High quality Silica Fiber Optics

    NA 0.22/0.37

    Core diameter 200um, 400um, 600um, 800um

    Standard connectors: SMA905, SMA906, ST, FC, etc...

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    Product Item: High Power Silica Fiber

    Fiber Type  HCS / PCS
     Single fiber diameter  200/300/400/600/800um
     Length  Customized
     Wavelength  200 ~ 1100nm / 350 ~ 1700nm
     N.A.  0.22 / 0.37
    Transmission efficiency  ≥80% (632.8nm)
     Connector  SMA905 / SMA906 / FC / ST / etc...

    Product Item: High Power Silica Fiber

    End surface precision grinding large core energy fiber, with high-precision sapphire protection connectors, high power laser to achieve single flexible transmission.It applies to Japan Miyachi, Mitsubishi, Japan NEC, Japan THM, Dazu, and other domestic and foreign brands associated won fiber laser welding machine, Fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser cutting machine.

    Precision grinding large core diameter energy fiber, to achieve single-fiber high-power laser flexible transmission. For Japan Miyaji, Japan's Mitsubishi, Japan's NEC, Japan THM, Han, Lian-won domestic and foreign brands such as fiber laser welding machine, fiber laser marking machine, laser cutting laser fiber.

    Large Core Laser Fiber

    Product Item: High Power Silica Fiber

    Large Core Laser Fiber

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