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What is Fiber Optic Sensor?
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What is Fiber Optic Sensor?

What is Fiber Optic Sensor?

May 23, 2023

Optical Fiber Sensor is the optical signal from the light source through the optical fiber into the modulator, so that the parameters measured with the light entering the modulation area after the interaction, resulting in optical properties of light changes (such as light intensity, wavelength, frequency, phase, polarization, etc.), become the modulation of the signal source, and then through the optical fiber into the photodetector, after demodulation, access to the corresponding parameters of the target.

Fiber Optic Sensor

Sensors are moving in a sensitive, precise, adaptable, compact and intelligent direction. In this process, fiber optic sensors much favored by the market. Optical fiber has many excellent properties, such as: anti-electromagnetic and atomic radiation interference performance, fine, soft, light weight mechanical properties; insulation, no induction of electrical performance; water, high temperature, corrosion resistance Chemical properties, etc., fiber can be in people can not reach the place (such as high temperature area), or people harmful areas (such as nuclear radiation area), receive and transmit a variety of information.

HECHO provide a complete  solutions for fiber optic transmission, we are famous a variety of Fiber Optic Sensors Manufacture, use the imported high transmission rate of glass fiber or plastic fiber for production, including M3 / M4 / M6 Sensor Fiber Optic Sensor Thread Connection, Cylindrical connection type sensor fiber, Heat Resistant Fiber Optic Sensors, regional detection sensor fiber, liquid level detection sensor fiber, etc., which can be Replace KEYENCE Optic Sensors, omron, sick and other brand fiber optic sensors. Hecho provide OEM & ODM services, all kinds of non-standard fiber on-demand customized. For more details, pls visit our website: www.gohecho.com

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