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Fiber Optic Light Guide
(Patent) 360 ° Dark Field Double Angle Illumination Fiber Optic Bundles

May 5,2017.

Dark Field Illumination Fiber Bundle

At present, the microscope lighting method can be divided into two types of transmission and lighting. The illuminated light beam is emitted from the direction of the objective lens to the surface of the object to be observed, emitted or diffracted by the surface of the object, and then returned to the objective lens. Therefore, the ejection lighting is mainly used for observing metals and opaque objects such as ores, insects or circuit boards.

For the fine observation of the circuit board PCB, in particular, need to observe the fine lines, requiring the microscope lens is close or close to the observation, the objective lens is basically attached to the circuit board, based on existing LED Light Source or Halogen light source lighting system can not achieve light focus, it is difficult to achieve litter lighting.

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