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The Characteristics Of Fiber Optic Lighting
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The Characteristics Of Fiber Optic Lighting

The Characteristics Of Fiber Optic Lighting

May 23, 2023

Fiber optic lighting is transmission the light through optical fiber from light source to the designated area.

Fiber Optic Lighting has the following characteristics:

1. Theoretically, the light can be transmitted to any place, to meet the practical application of the various requirements.

2. Through the filter to obtain a variety of colors of light to meet the different circumstances of the light color requirements.

3. Through the end of the fiber to make lighting from the abstract into a visualization.

4. Optical fiber lighting to achieve the photoelectric separation, improved safety performance, and broaden the application areas.

5. Plastic optical fiber lighting system soft color, no light pollution, soft color pure.

6. Some special occasions lighting, need infrared and ultraviolet light, such as cultural relics. The spectral range of the plastic optical fiber is located in the visible light section, and the light emitted from the fiber is cold light without infrared and ultraviolet light.

7. The use of fiber-side light-emitting system, the configuration of underwater-type terminal for underwater lighting system, and can be output by the audio system audio signal synchronization control light output and light color transformation. Its lighting effect and safety is better than ordinary low-pressure underwater lighting system, photoelectric separation, no leakage risk.

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