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How To Choose The Plastic Optical Fiber?
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How To Choose The Plastic Optical Fiber?

How To Choose The Plastic Optical Fiber?

May 23, 2023

Plastic fiber optic according to the different materials of fiber core is generally divided into PS plastic fiber, PMMA plastic fiber and batch PC plastic fiber. At present, conventional large quantities are mainly used for PS plastic optical fiber and PMMA plastic optical fiber.

Plastic Optical Fiber

PMMA plastic optical fiber is widely used in functional lighting and sensing. PMMA plastic fiber loss is 150-300 dB/km according to different fiber diameter. Spectral transmission range is 380nm-780nm.  In the museum lighting or commercial display lighting, the designer most need is to damage the exhibits of UV and infrared light and heat effectively isolated, and plastic fiber because of its own characteristics just in line with this requirement.

There's kinds of plastic optical fiber in the Fiber Optic Sensor, generally  we need to consider the following factors:

First, according to the detection distance selection, if the detection distance is far, as far as possible to choose the fiber core by the thicker fiber. If the detection target is small, the optional numerical aperture is smaller or additionally with the condenser lens.

Second, according to the size of the space, whether the need for smaller turn to install. The larger the core diameter of the plastic fiber, the greater the corresponding minimum bending radius, and the more light it consumes when it is smaller. So we can choose as much as possible when the choice of fiber monofilament core finer. Currently available on the market the smallest bending radius of the plastic fiber up to R0.5 mm.

Third, according to the use of ambient temperature, conventional plastic fiber temperature at 75 degrees, if the use of the occasion temperature exceeds this, the plastic fiber will be deformed and dramatically increase the loss. Currently available on the market at a higher temperature of 85 degrees level 105 degrees and 150 degrees level, it should be noted that with the plastic fiber temperature performance improvement, and will be accompanied by increased wear and tear.

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