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What are the advantages of LED light source
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What are the advantages of LED light source

What are the advantages of LED light source

May 23, 2023

LED Light Source is more and more common in our daily life, the traditional fluorescent lamp has slowly be replaced, the LED light source some advantages compared with the traditional fluorescent lamp and characteristics? Under the nanjing hecho according to science and technology is to introduce for everybody.

LED Light Source

Using range: LED use the low voltage power supply, it is a safer than using high voltage power supply power supply, especially suitable for the public.

High efficiency: compared with incandescent lamp lighting energy consumption reduced by 80%, save energy

Applicability: small, each unit of LED is 3 to 5 mm square dice, so can be prepared into various shapes of the device, and is suitable for variable environment

Strong stability: theory, 100000 hours of long service life (ten times that of energy-saving lamps, incandescent light bulb one hundred times), light failure is 50% of the initial 5

Reflect fast: its response time of millisecond incandescent lamps,Fiber Optic LED Light response time for nanosecond level 6

Environmental protection: lead-free, substances harmful to the environment of heavy metal such as mercury, protect the environment

High color rendering: LED high color rendering, won't cause harm to people's eyes

Of course, there are more and more LED manufacturers, quality is good and bad are intermingled, nanjing hecho according to science and technology it is recommended that you shop around when the choice, avoid unnecessary loss.

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