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Fiber Optic Light Guide
How to choose an appropriate medical LED cold light source

June 14,2017.

LED cold light source has been widely used in the field of medical lighting, products are also emerge in endlessly, that how to choose an appropriate medical cold light source? For the performance of LED itself, Nanjing hon technology suggestion from the following consideration.

1, the detection of life: medical endoscope using normal halogen lamp and xenon lamp is only a short life of hundreds of hours, often need to change the light bulb, and we are LED endoscopic module 60000 hours service life;

2, information of LED cold light source characteristics, design the optical system with high efficiency, endoscopic LED module brightness increased by more than 30%.

3, test its uniformity is good: endoscopic LED module light irradiation area without spots dark space, light even and soft.

4, check the order with a channel, LED drive current 25 a, ensure the LED light bright enough, there are more than 5000 lm luminous flux, fiber optic illumination value in more than 2 million lux (different) fiber have different test result.

5, pay attention to choose the cooling system, using efficient heat conduction medium, to ensure the service life. Normal use conditions of the LED as far as possible to reduce costs, simple way to set a good effect.

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