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Fiber Optic Light Guide
The characteristics of fiber optic lighting

May 16,2017.

Fiber optic lighting is a new way of lighting in recent years.

As a result of the optical fiber itself has some unique physical properties, fiber optic lighting are used in interior decoration lighting, effect of local lighting, billboard lighting, direct lighting, indoor and outdoor building outdoor public area underwater lighting and building outline and the facade lighting, and have achieved good lighting effect.

What are the typical features of the Fiber Optic Lighting Source? Hecho Summarized the following points.

1. A single light source can have multiple luminescence properties of the same markers;

2. The light source is easy to replace,also easy to repair

3. Light emitting device can be placed in the position of the non-professional personnel to contact,Therefore, to prevent destructive

4. No ultraviolet and infrared light, can reduce damage to certain items such as cultural relics, textiles;

5. Markers in miniaturization, light weight, easy replacement, installation, can be made into a small size;Small objects placed in a glass or other inner glow form special decorative lighting effect

6. No electromagnetic interference, can be used in nuclear magnetic resonance room, radar control room and other special site has electromagnetic shielding

7. No spark, no electric shock risk, can be used in chemical, oil and gas platform, fountain pool, swimming pool, etc have fire and explosive risk or damp and water of a particular place

8. Light color can be changed automatically

9. Reusable, save investment

10. Soft and easy to fold non-friable, easy to be processed into a variety of different patterns.

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