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LED Fiber Optic Illuminator S3000

    > AC / DC power supply
    > Unique condenser system
    > High brightness LED chip
    > Overall thermal design
    > High power output, long life

    > LED color Red, Blue, Green, UV, IR can be customized

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    Product Item: LED Fiber Optic Illuminator S3000 

    LED Light Source

    Fiber-Lite Illuminators Function: 

    > High power output, body cooling design, with longer life

    > Higher brightness LED chip, special focus system

    > Power save, less than 15w power consumption
    > AC or DC power supply
    > Smaller body, side fix slot design

    Product Item: LED Fiber Optic Illuminator S3000

    S3000 LED Light Source using the overall heat sink, high brightness LED and a unique condenser system to achieve high power output under the high brightness and long life. Compact appearance, side groove design easy to fix. Fiber-Lite Illuminators S3000 whole unit with 20W power consumption, lower power consumption to save energy, providing Cold Light Illumination. 

    AC / DC two power supply, constant current drive, knob dimming control. 

    Customized Color or Wavelength: 

    Red, Green, Blue, UV 365nm, NIR 780nm, 980nm, 1000nm etc...

    Fiber Optic Light Source

    Cold Light Source S3000 wavelength: 

    LED Light Source S3000 Red color wavelength: 

    LED light source S3000 Green color wavelength: 

    LED Fibre optic illuminator S3000 Blue color wavelength: 

    Product Item: LED Fiber Optic Illuminator S3000


    Cold Light SourceLED Cold Light Source

    Fiber Optic Illuminator

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