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LED Fiber Optic Illuminator S3000

    AC / DC power supply
    Unique condenser system
    High brightness LED chip
    Overall thermal design
    High power output, long life

    LED color Red, Blue, Green, UV, IR can be customized

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    Product Item: LED Fiber Optic Illuminator S3000 

    LED Light Source

    Fiber-Lite Illuminators Function: 

     High power output, body cooling design, with longer life

     Higher brightness LED chip, special focus system

     Power save, less than 15w power consumption
     AC or DC power supply
     Smaller body, side fix slot design

    Product Item: LED Fiber Optic Illuminator S3000

    S3000 LED Cold Light Source using the overall heat sink, high brightness LED and a unique condenser system to achieve high power output under the high brightness and long life. Compact appearance, side groove design easy to fix. Fiber-Lite Illuminators S3000 whole unit with 20W power consumption, lower power consumption to save energy, providing Cold Light Illumination. 

    AC / DC two power supply, constant current drive, knob dimming control. 

    Customized Color or Wavelength: 

    Red, Green, Blue, UV 365nm, NIR 780nm, 980nm, 1000nm etc...

    Fiber Optic Light Source

    Cold Light Source S3000 wavelength: 

    LED Light Source S3000 Red color wavelength: 

    LED light source S3000 Green color wavelength: 

    LED Fibre optic illuminator S3000 Blue color wavelength: 

    Product Item: LED Fiber Optic Illuminator S3000


    Cold Light SourceLED Cold Light Source

    Fiber Optic Illuminator

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