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Semiconductor: The world will fall 4% next year
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Semiconductor: The world will fall 4% next year

Semiconductor: The world will fall 4% next year

May 23, 2023

Since 2020, the global semiconductor industry has always occupied headlines, and the world has forced the world to stop working. At the same time, the impact of digitalization on life and enterprises is accelerating the development of unprecedented speeds. In turn, the semiconductor market has flourished. By 2021, sales will increase by more than 20%, and by 2021, it will reach approximately $ 600 billion.

Many experts are convinced that the semiconductor industry is expected to achieve ten years of growth. By 2030, it is expected to become a trillion -dollar industry. However, it is not all good news. In fact, according to experts, the short -term prospects of semiconductor income have deteriorated. In essence, with the deterioration of the economic situation, it is inevitable that the supply is too demand.

Both WSTS and Gartner's predictions show that the global semiconductor market will be dragged down in the memory semiconductor market next year. "In the latest forecast, this category is expected to fall to $ 112 billion by 2023, a 17%decrease compared to the previous year," WSTS said in its statement.

In fact, Gartner believes that in the remaining time of 2022, the memory market will witness weak demand, inventory expansion, and significant reduction in prices. "Therefore, the memory market will remain stable in 2022, and it is expected that revenue in 2023 will drop by 16.2%," it said.

WSTS predicts that Japan, the United States and Europe will grow in 2023, but it is expected that other regions of Asia -Pacific, including China, will decrease by 7.5%. China is the world's largest semiconductor market, accounting for more than 30%of the total. China's influence also means that the global semiconductor market may face a more serious decline in prediction than WSTS in 2023. (Semiconductor core, Techwireasia)

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