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41 New fabrication plants to be added globally in the next three years
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41 New fabrication plants to be added globally in the next three years

41 New fabrication plants to be added globally in the next three years

May 23, 2023

ccording to the Taiwanese media "Economic Daily", statistics from relevant research institutions in Taiwan, China show that the world will set off a wave of fab expansion from 2022 to 2025, or 41 new fabs will be added. Among them, major factories such as TSMC, Samsung and Intel have invested in expanding production in the United States, and the total number of new additions in the United States has reached 9 at most.

According to Knometa Research data, there are currently 452 fabs in the world, with 112 in Japan, the second in Taiwan, and the third in the United States and Canada. Among them, Asia accounted for nearly 70%, 12-inch factories were 41 in Taiwan, 25 in South Korea, 26 in Japan, and 19 in the United States.

Due to the growth in demand for semiconductor applications and geopolitical factors, it is estimated that 41 fabs will be built around the world from 2022 to 2025. Data analysis shows that 32 factories are located in Asia in terms of total, and the expansion of 12-inch factories is the main one. China Taiwan is estimated to add 6 factories, including 4 12-inch, 8-inch and 1 below 6-inch; Japan is estimated to increase 7 factories, including 12-inch factories and 8-inch 1; China is estimated to increase 8 In addition, there are 9 new wafer fabs in the United States, which is the largest increase, including an estimated 8 new 12-inch fabs and 1 8-inch fab.

Analysts said that related capacity expansion also produces more carbon emissions, and the semiconductor industry must also improve the problems of high power consumption and high carbon emissions.

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