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Fiber lasers doped with erbium in cosmetic procedures
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Fiber lasers doped with erbium in cosmetic procedures

Fiber lasers doped with erbium in cosmetic procedures

December 22, 2023

Fiber lasers doped with erbium are widely used in cosmetic surgery, where their laser beams can deliver energy in a fractional pattern to stimulate collagen and elastin fibers, promoting skin self-repair and reconstruction. These lasers offer advantages of high efficiency, safety, versatility, and fast recovery, providing patients with an effective treatment option for improving various skin issues.

The working principle involves emitting small laser beams through optical fibers onto the skin, creating multiple tiny thermal injury zones. This stimulates the skin's self-repair mechanism, promoting collagen regeneration and achieving skin rejuvenation and beautification effects.

Nanjing Hecho Technology specializes in the research and development of medical laser fibers, with related products extending into the field of medical aesthetics. They cater to various lasers such as thulium, holmium, and erbium lasers, showcasing their capabilities in various applications.

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