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Application of High-Power Fiber Lasers
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Application of High-Power Fiber Lasers

Application of High-Power Fiber Lasers

December 18, 2023

In recent years, in fields such as heavy machinery, shipbuilding, and large steel structures, a large number of parts require thick plate cutting. These parts have various specifications and shapes, some of which require high precision. Traditional processing methods like flame cutting and plasma cutting suffer from low processing efficiency, poor accuracy, and significant material waste, which cannot meet the current manufacturing requirements. The emergence of ultra-high-power kilowatt-level fiber laser cutting provides the most effective solution to address the problems in thick plate cutting.

The thicker the metal material, the higher the laser cutting power required. When cutting thin plates, higher laser power leads to faster cutting speeds, thereby achieving higher processing efficiency.

High-power laser cutting offers four advantages: faster cutting speed, stronger cutting capability, lower operating costs, and broader application range. It finds extensive applications in metal processing, electronics manufacturing, plastic processing, precision instrument manufacturing, and other fields.

Domestically, there has been rapid development in high-power fiber lasers. Hecho Technology has been committed to the development and manufacturing of various fiber optics, providing customers with customized high-temperature-resistant, high-power transmission fiber products. As the demand for processing quality continues to rise, the application of high-power fiber lasers in the industrial sector will become increasingly widespread. Hecho Technology will continue to innovate and promote the widespread and in-depth application of laser technology.

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