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Application of Optical Fibers in Machine Vision
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Application of Optical Fibers in Machine Vision

Application of Optical Fibers in Machine Vision

December 14, 2023

Machine vision fibers refer to the fiber optic components and technologies used in machine vision systems. They play an important role in machine vision applications and have several common application scenarios:

Fiber optic illumination: Machine vision systems often require high-brightness and uniform light sources to provide illumination conditions. Fibers can be used to transmit light from the light source, allowing it to be placed in the desired location and delivered to specific areas through fiber bundles, thus providing consistent illumination.

Fiber optic sensors: Fiber optic sensors can be used to detect and measure various physical quantities in machine vision systems. For example, fiber optic displacement sensors can measure object displacement or deformation, and fiber optic temperature sensors can measure object temperature, providing accurate input data for machine vision systems.

Fiber bundles: Fiber bundles can concentrate and distribute light from fiber optic light sources to adapt to specific requirements of machine vision applications. Fiber bundles can be used to focus light from the fiber optic light source to a specific area or disperse light to a larger area, meeting the demands of illumination uniformity and brightness control.

Fiber optic light guides: Fiber optic light guides are ring-shaped fiber optic structures that transmit light from one point to another, enabling light path transmission and image acquisition in machine vision systems. Fiber optic light guides can be used to construct high-speed, high-resolution image transmission systems for medical imaging, robot vision, industrial inspection, and other fields.

Machine vision fibers have a wide range of applications, including illumination, sensing, light path transmission, and image acquisition. The high flexibility, reliability, and high-temperature resistance of fiber optic technology make it widely used in the field of machine vision. Nanjing Hecho Technology provides reliable optical transmission solutions for machine vision systems. Companies in relevant industries are welcome to inquire.

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