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Fiber Optic Light Guide
The Category of Silica Fiber

December 11,2018.

[Quartz Fiber]

An optical fiber in which silica SiO2 is used as a main raw material and the refractive index distribution of the core and the cladding is controlled by the difference in the amount of doping of SiO2. The cladding quartz material is doped (for example, fluorine) to lower the refractive index. Such an optical fiber is a clad-doped quartz fiber or a hard-clad quartz fiber. A Silica Optical Fiber in which a high-purity quartz glass is used as a core and a polymer (resin) having a refractive index slightly lower than that of quartz is a polymer-coated quartz fiber optic fiber or a resin-clad silica fiber. Quartz (glass) series of optical fibers, with a wide transmission wavelength range and high transmission efficiency, are widely used in optical fiber communication and signal and energy transmission.

Cladding-doped quartz fiber

Hard-clad quartz fiber

Polymer clad quartz core fiber

Resin coated quartz fiber

[Infrared Fiber]

The optical fiber capable of transmitting mid-infrared light made of non-silicate material is called infrared fiber, and the wavelength of light of mid-infrared light is between 1.5 and 25 μm. It includes infrared glass fiber, infrared crystal fiber and infrared hollow fiber. For example, fluoride fiber, potassium chloride polycrystalline fiber and gem single crystal fiber, infrared fiber is mostly used for high power laser transmission, infrared sensing and infrared imaging.

[UV Fiber]

An optical fiber capable of transmitting ultraviolet light having a wavelength ranging from 1 to 380 nm is called an ultraviolet fiber. Currently, the optical fiber that can be used for ultraviolet light transmission includes a quartz fiber, a liquid core fiber, and a sapphire crystal fiber, and the hard-clad quartz fiber HCS specific polymer package The layer of quartz fiber PCS has better UV transmission characteristics, and the UV fiber optics can be used for UV curing and UV detection.

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