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Laser Selective Soldering in PCB Application
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Laser Selective Soldering in PCB Application

Laser Selective Soldering in PCB Application

May 23, 2023

As all kinds of electronic products tend to be miniaturized, the application of traditional welding technology in various new electronic components has a certain test. In order to meet such market demand, in the welding technology, it can be said that the technology is constantly improving, and the welding way is more diversified.

The Light Source for laser welding is a laser light-emitting diode, which can be focused on the solder spot by an optical system. The advantage of laser welding is that it can precisely control and optimize the energy required for welding. It is suitable for selective reflow welding process or using tin wire connector. For SMD components, the solder paste should be applied first and then welded. The welding process is divided into two steps: first the solder paste is heated, and the solder joint is preheated. After that, the solder paste used for welding is completely melted, and the solder is completely wetted on the pad to form the weld. Use laser generator and optical focusing component welding, energy density, high heat transfer efficiency, non-contact welding, solder can be solder paste or tin wire, especially suitable for welding small space solder spot or small solder spot power is small, save energy.

Laser welding features:

● Multi-axis servo motor board card control, high positioning accuracy

● Small laser spot, in the small size of pads, spacing devices have obvious welding advantages

● Non-contact welding, no mechanical stress, static risk

● Wuxi slag, reduce flux waste, low production cost

● Weldable products are rich in type

● Choice of solder

Advantages of laser welding:

For ultra-fine electronic substrate, multi-layer electronic components, "traditional technology" has been unable to apply, which prompted the rapid progress of technology. The processing of ultra-small parts that are not suitable for the traditional soldering iron method is finally completed by laser welding. Non - contact welding is the biggest advantage of laser welding. There is no need to touch the substrate and electronic components at all, and providing solder only by laser irradiation does not pose a physical burden. Effective heating with a blue laser beam is also an advantage, which can be used to illuminate narrow areas where the soldering head cannot enter and at different angles when there is no distance between adjacent components in a dense assembly. The soldering iron head needs to be replaced regularly, while the spare parts for laser welding need to be replaced are very few and the maintenance cost is low.

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