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Fiber Optic Light Guide
Fiber Optic Bundles Selection Guide

February 2,2018.

Fiber Optic Bundles is the core component of fiber optic lighting, the bundle is generally composed of optical fiber material, interface and protection tube composition. How to choose a suitable Light Guide?

First, we determine the spectral requirements used. In general use, the spectrum is generally divided into three parts. UV to visible light (190nm-1200nm), visible light (380-780nm), visible to near infrared (400-1400nm) Far infrared part (400-2500nm). The four parts correspond to the optical fiber materials of different materials. (380-780nm) Optional plastic optical fiber or glass fiber, visible to near infrared part (400-1400nm), optional glass fiber, visible to far infrared part (400-2500nm) Optional infrared fiber.

Second, according to the use the environment to determine the use of temperature range, glass fiber and quartz fiber can withstand higher temperatures, plastic fiber generally can only withstand 75 degrees or less. At the same time fiber in the production need to use adhesives, conventional fiber adhesive temperature within 180 degrees, if the use of temperature higher than 180 degrees, need to choose a higher temperature resistant high temperature fiber adhesives. At present the general high temperature fiber adhesives can work long-term 350 degrees.

Third, confirm the shape of fiber, generally summarized the Fiber Optic Bundle has the following shapes, Single Light Guide, double-tube, multi-branched light guide, Ring Light Guide, linear light guide, multi-input multi-output type. After determining the shape, the dimensions of the parts at both ends of the optical fiber bundle are determined simultaneously.

At the third step, the fiber bundles need the protective tube, such as stainless steel tube, stainless steel outer plastic coated tube, etc.

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