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Fiber Core and Cladding Introduction
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Fiber Core and Cladding Introduction

Fiber Core and Cladding Introduction

May 23, 2023

The core is the central region where the refractive index of the transmitted light in the optical waveguide is higher than that of the adjacent region. For the step-type refractive index distribution fiber, the core is a cylinder containing a fiber core with a high refractive index.

As the optical Fiber Optical Transmission layer called cortex, also known as cladding, for the step-like refractive index distribution fiber, the cortex is the lower refractive index of the ring outside the core, see the following figure.

Plastic Fiber Cores

Optical fiber coating layer is coated with a layer of protective fiber material, referred to as fiber coating, also known as coating or buffer layer or fiber coating, optical fiber coating not only has to maintain fiber strength, to prevent fiber micro Bending loss and the ability to prevent fiber damp, but also reduce the mechanical damage of the fiber, and some fiber coating also has a specific physical variables sensitive to the characteristics can be used for sensing measurements, the typical coating materials, including acrylic resin, silicon Resin, ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer, polyurethane and polyimide, see the following figure.

PMMA Fiber Cores

The cladding mode is a mold that is transferred and held in the fiber cortex. Usually, a cortical material that absorbs or attenuates the cladding mode is used to prevent the transition of the cladding module energy into a core, Thus reducing the dispersion, cladding mode, also known as cladding mode.

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