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Brain Health Early Screening
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Brain Health Early Screening

Brain Health Early Screening

May 23, 2023

At present, there is still no effective early screening system for brain health diseases

Fiber Optic for fNIRS

Relevant survey data show that China's elderly population aged 60 and above has reached 264 million. Among the many health problems in the elderly, brain-related health problems are one of the important causes of disease and burden in the elderly. Brain science has entered a new stage of development in my country, but the construction of my country's brain health risk database is still relatively weak, and there are still some problems in application practice.

Taking Alzheimer's disease as an example, early prevention can reduce the risk of the disease by 35%-53%. However, quantitative brain function tests are generally not included in the current physical examination items. On the one hand, the public has insufficient awareness and attention to the diseases of senile cognitive impairment, and the active treatment rate is low; A large number of patients with early-stage brain tumors and Parkinson's disease cannot be diagnosed and miss the best intervention stage.

It is of great social and economic significance to increase investment in brain scientific research and promote the improvement of elderly brain health management.

Portable near-infrared brain functional imaging products have the advantages of high channel, high portability, mobility, and strong anti-interference. . It is used in various scenarios such as early screening of mental illness, elderly health care assessment, and high-end physical examination. It can effectively help hospitals and physical examination institutions to achieve the initial screening of brain health, improve the active consultation rate, and then optimize the referral mechanism to detect and focus on risk groups in a timely manner.

HECHO Technology provides customized services for Near-infrared Fiber Optical Cable according to customer needs, using German SCHOTT high transmittance and more environmentally friendly Glass Optical Fiber. Flexible to meet the differentiated needs of customers in different industries, the products are widely used in various industries such as medical treatment, in vitro diagnosis, semiconductor and industrial control.

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