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Application and Development of Fiber-Coupled Semiconductor Lasers
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Application and Development of Fiber-Coupled Semiconductor Lasers

Application and Development of Fiber-Coupled Semiconductor Lasers

May 23, 2023

Fiber-coupled semiconductor laser structures mainly include single-tube coupled lasers, multi-single-tube coupled lasers, mini Bar and Bar/stacked array series. Multi-single-tube coupled lasers have become one of the mainstream pump sources for fiber lasers due to their high reliability. . As fiber lasers develop toward higher power, semiconductor lasers also develop toward high power and high brightness.

With the development of industry, the laser power of semiconductor lasers has climbed to the kilowatt level, and it has applications and certain advantages in laser brazing, laser cladding, and laser metal welding.

laser brazing

Laser brazing has always been an advantageous application of high power semiconductor lasers. Although the energy density of semiconductor lasers is slightly lower than that of fiber lasers, the energy distribution is uniform, and the brazing wire melts uniformly and is not easy to generate spatter during the brazing process.

Laser Cladding

Laser cladding can improve the wear and corrosion resistance of metal parts. Laser cladding has a fast cooling rate and belongs to a rapid solidification process, and it is easy to obtain a fine-grained structure or a new phase that cannot be obtained in an equilibrium state, such as an unstable phase and an amorphous state. At the same time, the coating dilution rate is low, and it has a strong metallurgical bond or interface diffusion bond with the substrate. By adjusting the laser process parameters, a good coating with a low dilution rate can be obtained, and the composition and dilution of the coating are controllable. At the same time, the heat input and distortion of laser cladding are small, especially when fast cladding with high power density is used, the deformation can be reduced to within the assembly tolerance of the part.

Laser Metal Welding

High-power semiconductor lasers have high welding strength during tailor welding, and the welds are smooth and flat without post-processing, and are widely used in automobiles, metallurgy, national defense and military industries.

Advances in high-power semiconductor lasers have enabled many important applications.

The STFB series semiconductor lasers provided by Xinte Optoelectronics are smaller in size, higher in power and brightness. This small-sized semiconductor laser has a smaller shape and can also reduce the consumption cost of materials. Fiber-coupled semiconductor lasers with coupling efficiencies over 90% can be fabricated using simple optical components.

With cost and performance improving more than 10 times every decade, high-power semiconductor lasers have disrupted the market in unforeseen ways. While it is difficult to predict future applications with precision, a lot can be enlightened by looking back at the past three decades to conceive of the possibilities of the next decade.

Nanjing Hecho Technology focuses on the research and development and production of various laser fibers, which can meet the transmission needs of various high-power and high-energy lasers in industry, medical, scientific research, aerospace, etc., such as Plastic laser welding, LDI laser direct imaging in PCB field, holmium laser and energy-transmitting medical fibers, etc. . Hecho Technology provides customized services for customers in different industries, and flexibly meets the differentiated needs of different customers.

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