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"Ulexite," the Fiber Bundle Brought to Us by Nature
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"Ulexite," the Fiber Bundle Brought to Us by Nature

"Ulexite," the Fiber Bundle Brought to Us by Nature

October 23, 2023

The concept of fiber bundles actually exists in a mineral material found in nature called ulexite. Ulexite is also as TV rock. Its end face has a fascinating structure, resembling densely packed fiber bundles.


This complexly structured mineral contains chains of sodium, water, and hydroxide octahedra. It appears in the form of silky white circular clusters or parallel fibers.

TV rock possesses unusual optical properties, where the parallel fibers act like fiber bundles, conducting light along their length through internal reflection. If a crystal is taken, cut into planes perpendicular to the direction of the fibers, and both surfaces are polished, the TV rock sample can display an image similar to what is seen on the opposite side, much like a fiber optic panel.

Nature's design has inspired scientists' understanding of the world, and combined with human intelligence, it will continue to drive progress and development in the scientific community.


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