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How to Choose Cold Light Source in Fiber Optic Lighting
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How to Choose Cold Light Source in Fiber Optic Lighting

How to Choose Cold Light Source in Fiber Optic Lighting

May 23, 2023


In optical fiber lighting, because the optical fiber is only a carrier of light transmission, so the inevitable need to support the choice of Cold Light Source.

The so-called cold light source, is issued by the light emitted by the heat generated part of the infrared light filter effectively. We in the market common lighting with cold light source is divided into metal halide lamp cold light source, halogen cold light source and LED cold light source.

Metal Halide Lamp Cold light source is characterized by luminous efficiency can reach 80-90 lm / W, color rendering index can reach 90 or more. Spectral range is relatively wide, good quality metal halide bulb life can generally reach about 5,000 hours. Where the need for high-intensity lighting, metal halide lamp cold light source is a common choice, the disadvantage is its high price, start the need for specialized flip-flop, because its brightness is gradually increased after startup, start more slowly.

Halogen cold light source is characterized by luminous efficiency is generally 30-50 lumens / watt, color temperature is generally 2700-3200K, color rendering index is generally more than 80. The rated life of the lamp is 50-1000 hours. Generally in the optical fiber cold light source, the halogen bulb matches with the ellipsoidal reflector cup to gather light. The use of power is generally 50-250W, because of its luminous efficiency in general, more than 100 watts of power use, the convergence point of light after the temperature will be very high, so halogen light source in the selection of the need to pay attention to its heat insulation and heat dissipation, If there is no effective treatment, the focus of the high temperature will burn out the end of the fiber.


LED cold light source in recent years the fastest-growing products. White LED light source color temperature in the 2700-6500K, color rendering index 70-92, the service life of up to 30,000 hours because of its high luminous efficiency, fast response and long life, the overall power of small energy-saving, so more and more Occasions, the gradual use of LED cold light source. White LED light source is the cold light emission spectrum is not a continuous spectrum. At the same time Fiber Optic LED Light Source LED light-emitting chip angle is relatively large, coupling optical fiber requires secondary optical distribution, secondary optical light distribution efficiency of its overall effective output is very important, so the higher the power is not the higher its illumination value , More importantly, depends on its effective output of the luminous flux parameters.

In summary, in the choice of optical fiber lighting supporting the cold light source, if the spectrum has a higher demand, you can choose metal halide lamp cold Fiber Light Source and halogen light source, if the service life and control response speed may be required, can Select LED cold light source. With the continuous development of LED semiconductor technology, more high-power LED light-emitting chip is also constantly introduced, the effective luminous flux output will be higher and higher, coupled with optimized secondary optical design, overall over metal halide lamp cold light source And the effective output of the halogen lamp cold light source is entirely possible. At the same time several cold light source, need to pay attention to its thermal design, whether the effective isolation of the infrared light part of the light.

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