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Definition of a special optical fiber
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Definition of a special optical fiber

Definition of a special optical fiber

June 13, 2024

 Optical fiber was originally developed for communication purposes. However, in the process of optical fiber development, optical fiber with special functions, various varieties and different specifications is developed intentionally or unintentionally. At the same time, it is also found that optical fiber can be applied not only to communication, but also to lighting, medical, electric power, sensing and other fields.

 These are not in the conventional fiber of optical fiber —— special optical fiber, such as ultraviolet fiber, infrared fiber, high temperature resistant fiber, irradiation fiber, optical fiber, holmium laser fiber, partial fiber, circular fiber, optical fiber, optical fiber, plastic fiber, plastic fiber, etc., in communications, sensing, medical, aerospace, material processing, power, petrochemical and military fields plays an important role, derived from the industrial chain developing rapidly.

 The industrial chain of special optical fiber contains huge business opportunities, and the relevant institutions have defined their own cognition of special optical fiber. The special fiber search is defined as follows.

 Baidu "Science China": special optical fiber is used at a specific wavelength, made by special materials and has special functions.

 Special optical fiber is an optical fiber designed and manufactured used at a specific wavelength to realize a special function.

 Co-research network: the general term for all kinds of optical fibers with special functions except for the conventional communication optical fiber.

 Guosheng Communication team: Special optical fiber can be defined as the optical fiber that does not meet the standard of single-mode and multimode communication optical fiber.

 China wire and cable network: in a narrow sense, special optical fiber is a special purpose optical fiber different from the special performance and use of international communication standard optical fiber; in a broad sense, including special optical fiber, special optical fiber and even components belong to the category of special optical fiber (product).

 Domestic large companies: Special optical fiber includes active optical fiber, energy transmission optical fiber, bias protection optical fiber, doped optical fiber, anti-radiation optical fiber, high temperature resistant optical fiber, anti-rotating optical fiber, bending optical fiber and so on.

Domestic small companies : glass fiber, quartz fiber (except communication fiber), infrared fiber, ultraviolet fiber, fluorescent fiber, plastic fiber, liquid core fiber, atmosphere lamp fiber, etc.

 RP Photonics Encyclopedia (RP Encyclopedia of Photonics):

 Specialty Fibers : optical fibers with special designs or materials .

 Special optical fiber: optical fiber with special design or made using special materials.

 Dr. Rudiger Paschotta is the author of the famous RP Encyclopedia of photonics and enjoys an international reputation in laser and amplifiers, nonlinear optics, fiber technology, ultrashort pulses and optical noise.

HECHO agrees with Dr. Rudiger Paschotta's definition of special fiber, which is concise and accurate, and can cover the above definition of various special fiber. Special optical fiber has played a key role in many application fields, and the differences between the fields are large, so it is more appropriate to involve a specific field, or to use the fair terms in the field to name this variety of optical fiber.


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