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Heat-Resistant Optical Fiber
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Heat-Resistant Optical Fiber

Heat-Resistant Optical Fiber

March 25, 2024

It is well known that the optical fiber in the general sense is composed of a fiber core, cladding layer and coating layer. Among them, the fiber core, cladding determine its optical characteristics, generally with molten quartz in the environment of 2000℃ pull down, high temperature performance naturally need not say much. In the process of quartz glass pull, its surface will inevitably leave subtle cracks, used by a kinds of environmental stress, crack may rapidly expand and even break, so in the first time to help it put on a layer of sheath —— coating layer, to greatly improve its mechanical characteristics, make it more bending more tensile.


It is understood that at domestic and foreign, the application scenario of high temperature resistant optical fiber is very wide. In the exploitation of oil and natural gas, the oil well temperature measuring optical cable needs to be able to withstand the underground high temperature and high pressure environment, and then it is necessary to use the high temperature resistant optical fiber. In thermal power generation, the real-time monitoring of boiler temperature and pressure also requires the stable transmission of high-temperature resistant optical fiber. In addition, in the automotive industry, high-temperature resistant optical fibers are used in on-board communication and entertainment systems to ensure the stable transmission of information in high-temperature engine and exhaust system environments. In the field of aerospace, the high temperature resistance performance of communication equipment is extremely high. The application of high temperature resistance optical fiber can improve the reliability and stability of communication equipment in high temperature environment.


Polyimide (Polyimide, PI), with an excellent temperature range of-190℃ ~ + 385℃, has penetrated into every aspect of our lives since DuPont was first commoditized in 1961. For example, the flexible circuit board (FPC), often used in electronic products, is 280℃ lead-free welding and is made of polyimide; it is also made into fabric for firefighters, astronauts, and racers.


In theory, 385℃ is the upper temperature limit of the polyimide, regardless of higher temperatures. High temperature resistant metal coated fiber, by coating the surface of the bare fiber with a layer of high temperature resistant metal material, such as aluminum, copper or gold, to improve the performance of the fiber in high temperature environment. This fiber performs well at extreme temperature conditions and has excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and mechanical bending.


High temperature-resistant metal-coated optical fibers are widely used in areas that need to withstand high temperature and corrosive environments. For example, metal-coated optical fibers all play an important role in nuclear radiation, high-energy and strong laser transmission, welded fiber beams, and medical applications. In addition, in the field of high temperature sensing fiber, it can be used as turbine sensing fiber, oil and gas well fiber, engine sensing fiber, etc., to withstand the work demand in high temperature environment. Metal optical fibers are also often used as gas-tight optical fibers.

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