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Optical fiber sensing system——fiber optic hydrophone
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Optical fiber sensing system——fiber optic hydrophone

Optical fiber sensing system——fiber optic hydrophone

March 18, 2024

Optical fiber hydrophone system is a complex sensing system, which mainly uses optical fiber sensing technology to realize the conversion, transmission and processing of underwater sound signals. As the core part of the system, the implementation process are crucial to the performance of the whole system.

 The components of optical fiber hydrophone mainly include wet end and dry end. The wet end, as the sensing end, consists of the optical fiber hydrophone sensor probe and the transmission optical cable used to transmit the optical signal. The sensor probe is the core component of fiber-optic hydrophones, which can receive underwater sound signals and convert them into optical signals.

The dry end mainly includes the light source of optical fiber hydrophone, optical passive device, photoelectric conversion module and signal demodulation processing module. The light source is responsible for providing stable optical signals. The optical passive device is used to control the transmission and modulation of the optical signal. The photoelectric conversion module converts the received optical signal into an electrical signal, and the signal demodulation processing module demodulates and processes the electrical signals to extract useful sound information.


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