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Fiber-optic sensing is used for the measurements
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Fiber-optic sensing is used for the measurements

Fiber-optic sensing is used for the measurements

April 01, 2024

The research team at NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center has made a breakthrough in developing a technology called a "fiber-optic sensing system."The core is to use the optical fiber as a sensing element to realize the real-time monitoring and data feedback of the structural strain, shape, temperature and other key parameters by capturing the physical characteristic changes when the optical waves are transmitted in the optical fiber.

 Optical fiber sensing system shows great potential in the field of aircraft research with its high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability and excellent stability. It can accurately capture the tiny deformation and temperature fluctuations of the structure in a complex environment, providing rich and accurate data support for designers, and greatly improve the research accuracy and design efficiency.

Its high-precision and long-distance sensing capabilities give it promising prospects in construction, Bridges, energy and other fields. With the continuous progress of technology, optical fiber optic sensing systems will play a key role in more fields to promote the technological innovation and development of related industries.

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