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Mobile Phone Camera Lens Detection MTF System
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Mobile Phone Camera Lens Detection MTF System

Mobile Phone Camera Lens Detection MTF System

May 30, 2022

According to research by TrendForce, the shipment volume of smartphone camera modules in 2022 will be raised to 5.02 billion units, an annual increase of 5%. Since the price-performance ratio of the whole machine is the main basis for consumers to buy, the three-lens design is still the mainstream design this year, and it is estimated that it will account for more than 40% of the overall shipment.

By combining a high-pixel main lens with two low-pixel functional lenses, the mobile phone can maintain a three-lens design and take into account the hardware cost. This is also the main reason for the development of mid-to-low-end products towards three-lens or even four-lens designs.

The growth momentum of mobile phone camera module shipments in 2022 is mainly due to the increase in the number of low-pixel lenses driven by the three-lens design. Although the high-pixel main lens with better specifications can enable brand manufacturers to provide better mobile phone shooting performance, due to Pixel specifications have not continued to climb to a higher level, and are still maintained at around 50 million pixels, which has caused demand to stagnate slightly.

Hecho Technology provides Fiber Optic Illuminator and optical fiber customization services for lens inspection systems, using high-brightness warm-color LEDs, or customized infrared 850nm, 940nm LED light sources, and high transmission rate Flexible Fiber Optic Light Guides, flexibly meet the needs of MTF industry inspection applications.

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