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What is Plastic Laser Welding?
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What is Plastic Laser Welding?

What is Plastic Laser Welding?

June 27, 2022

Laser welding is a technology that uses the heat generated by a laser beam to melt plastic contact surfaces, thereby bonding thermoplastic sheets, films or molded parts together. Laser welding technology can be useful when the plastic parts being bonded cannot withstand vibration, or when water and air tightness is very high, or when a sterile and dust-free environment is required (such as medical devices and food packaging). Laser welding technology is fast, especially suitable for the assembly line processing of automotive plastic parts. In addition, for those complex geometries that are difficult to bond using other welding methods, laser welding technology can be considered.

Laser welding is a joining solution that enables clean, particle-free joining. Laser welding can join various materials together. Laser welding technology has evolved as products continue to evolve, shrink in size, and achieve higher standards of performance.

Laser welding is often used in applications that require particle-free connections and fast lead times. Bends and defective parts can be laser welded, and complex shapes and parts can be pre-assembled prior to laser welding. The laser welding process causes no movement or vibration during the welding cycle, so it can be used to weld delicate internal components.

Laser welding plastic technology is a very specialized bonding technology. When high-speed welding and precision welding or aseptic welding are required, this can give full play to the best advantages of laser welding. The main application areas of laser welding technology are medical, automotive, electronics and packaging.

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