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Global chip R&D spending in 2021
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Global chip R&D spending in 2021

Global chip R&D spending in 2021

August 05, 2022

Market research firm IC Insights released an analysis of R&D trends in its latest 2022 McClean Report quarterly update, saying that about 56% of global semiconductor industry R&D spending in 2021 will come from companies headquartered in the Americas region, These companies are largely based in the United States, with a large percentage coming from Intel (19%).

As shown in the chart below, semiconductor R&D spending by companies in the Asia-Pacific region (including foundries, fabless and IDM) will exceed 29% of the global total in 2021, followed by European companies with about 8% and Japan with nearly 7%. In 2011, chip suppliers in the Americas accounted for about 55 percent of global semiconductor R&D spending, compared with 18 percent in the Asia-Pacific region (including China).

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