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Introduction to Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) Equipment Industry
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Introduction to Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) Equipment Industry

Introduction to Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) Equipment Industry

May 06, 2022

Laser direct imaging refers to Laser Direct Imaging, abbreviated as LDI, which belongs to a type of direct imaging. The light is emitted by an ultraviolet laser and is mainly used for the exposure process in the PCB manufacturing process. The imaging quality of LDI technology is clearer than that of traditional exposure technology, and it has obvious advantages in mid-to-high-end PCB manufacturing.

With the rapid progress of PCB design requirements, corresponding high-tech is required in the PCB production process (thinner materials, more complex structures, and finer graphics requirements within the range of micro-errors), traditional contact stencils Exposure and development technology can no longer meet the needs of such high-end PCB applications.

This demand has led to changes in production technology, from contact stencil exposure and development to direct laser imaging. A software-controlled laser or laser source is used to laser image a photoresist-coated PCB, or to cure and image a solder mask at the end of the PCB process.

Hecho specializes in the production of LDI optical fiber bundle, and can provide customized services for different branch numbers, lengths, and connectors according to customer needs. With strong R&D and production capabilities, it can flexibly meet the differentiated needs of different customers.

Hecho also supply customized service for AOI Line light guides, and other  Fiber Optic Bundles which for Optical Inspection equipment uses. 

LDI (Laser Direct Imaging) Industrial Chain
Upstream Midstream Downstream
Equipment Manufacturer
Motion platform and components Orbotech HDI and Standard PCB
Graphic generation module HAN'S LASER Thick copper and ceramic PCB
The light path components CFMEE Super size PCB  
The exposure light source ORC Manufacturing Others
Automatic control unit Limata 
Others Others

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