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Fiber Optic Sensor Application in Power System
  • May 31,2017.

Fiber Optic Sensors

Hecho is a professional manufacturer of Fiber Optic Sensors, the sensor can be perfect instead of the Keyence, Omron and other brands of the same type sensors. Today, fiber optic sensors have been widely

used in industrial automation, power systems, petroleum industry, civil engineering and other fields.

Fiber optic sensors play an important role in the power system, mainly used in the following areas:

1, Fiber sensors in the high-voltage cable temperature and strain measurement applications

Ideally, the fiber should be positioned as close as possible to the cable core to more accurately measure the actual temperature of the cable. For the buried power cable, the surface-mount fiber can not accurately reflect the cable load changes, but the Fiber Optic Cable buried at the soil thermal resistance changes are more sensitive, and can reduce the installation cost of optical fiber.

2, Fiber sensors in the electric power sensor application

The main characteristics of optical fiber electrical power sensor are: Because electric power sensing involves voltage and current, it usually needs to consider electro-optical and magneto-optic effect simultaneously, and use two kinds of sensing media or one kind of multi-functional medium as sensitive components. So that the structure of fiber optic power sensor head is relatively complex; optical fiber electrical power sensor optical sensor signal sometimes contains both voltage and current signals, so the signal detection and processing methods will also be more complex

3, Optical fiber sensors in the electric power system optical cable monitoring application

By measuring the frequency shift and intensity of the Brillouin scattered light along the length of the fiber, the temperature and strain information of the fiber can be obtained, and the sensing distance is far, so it has far-reaching engineering research value.

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