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Brief Analysis of Application of Laser Fiber in Medical Industry
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Brief Analysis of Application of Laser Fiber in Medical Industry

Brief Analysis of Application of Laser Fiber in Medical Industry

June 08, 2018

As a high-quality transmission medium, optical fiber is changing our lives. It promotes the development of the information age and enables people to swim and enjoy high-definition television programs on the Internet. In the medical field, the “figures” of optical fibers can be seen in both large-scale medical diagnostic imaging devices and implantable medical device products.

Due to the increase in the use of fiber optics for minimally invasive surgery, the increased demand for advanced diagnostic techniques, and the rapid development of medical fiber technology, the Medical Laser Fiber market has grown at a significant rate. The number of medical optical fiber applications including X-ray imaging, ophthalmic lasers, phototherapy, laboratory and clinical diagnostics, dental headpieces, surgical and in vitro diagnostic instruments, surgical microscopes, and endoscopy has increased significantly. In addition, the miniaturization of medical devices has also increased the demand for medical fiber technology.

1. Laser Surgery

Conventional laser surgery can be used in gynecology, anorectal, surgery, dermatology, dentistry, urology, etc., for treatment such as tissue cutting, vaporization, irradiation, and so on. For body surface lesions, the laser can be transmitted with a simple lens, while for the internal lesions, fiber output is required. The output of the fiber can be installed with a spherical and cylindrical laser diffuser, and can also be filled with scattering media, so that the light Spread evenly around. Among them, the low-hydroxyl silica laser fiber can be used to transmit a 2.14μm He-Ne laser, which is currently gaining more applications in the field of laser lithotripsy. In addition, Quartz Laser Fiber surgery can also be used for oral hard tissue therapy, minimally invasive pharyngeal surgery, condyloma acuminatum and other treatments.

2. Laser Therapy

Directly irradiating the affected part with a weak laser (such as a Holmium Laser, a semiconductor laser, etc.) causes a series of biological effects, thereby achieving the purpose of accelerating healing or relieving pain and other auxiliary treatments. For the treatment of small areas of the body surface or part of the cavity (such as the nasal cavity, external auditory meatus, vagina, urethra), such as super pain red light treatment instrument.

holmium laser optical fiber

3. Photodynamic therapy

Photodynamic therapy mainly uses tumor tissues and normal tissues to have different affinity properties for photosensitizers. Tumor tissues absorb and retain more photosensitizers. Photochemical reactions occur under the participation of oxygen in biological tissues when irradiated with light of specific wavelengths. The generation of singlet oxygen and (or) free radicals, destruction of a variety of biological macromolecules in tissues and cells, eventually causing tumor cell death, for therapeutic purposes. An optical fiber can transmit laser light of a specific wavelength to a diseased tissue for long-distance irradiation, and the tip can be made into various shapes.

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