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Holmium Laser--The New Era Of Gravel Gold Standard
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Holmium Laser--The New Era Of Gravel Gold Standard

Holmium Laser--The New Era Of Gravel Gold Standard

June 20, 2018

Holmium laser is a high-tech technology that emerged at the end of the 20th century and is one of the most advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques. It uses pulsed light to activate the pulsed laser generated by the rare element embedded in the yttrium-aluminum-garnet crystal. It uses holmium laser lithotripsy to cut, vaporize, and stop bleeding. It can smash any hard urinary tract. Stones, do not harm the body's soft tissue, a single operation stone crushing rate of more than 95%, the standard for the new age of gravel.

The advantages of holmium laser lithotripsy:

1. The world's newest stone treatment method, a major breakthrough in the global minimally invasive stone.

2. It is effective for all kinds of stones (including calcium oxalate and phosphate, carbonate stones, cystine, uric acid stones, etc.).

3, No surgery, the surgical process 10 --- 20 minutes, simultaneous treatment of ureteral stenosis and polyps.

4, Accurate, safe, reliable, no bleeding.

5, Hospitalization time is short, recovery is quick, the cost is lower than traditional surgery.

6, A treatment is about to completely remove the stone, the success rate of a treatment of 98% - 100%, while the treatment rate of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is only 20% - 60% (usually more than twice the treatment).

7, Soft fiber can be through the speculum straight to the stone, the crushed, so through the bladder urethroscope, ureteroscopy, nephroscopy and other into the urinary tract, all urinary tract stones can be treated to reduce trauma and patient suffering Small, restore.

Under the guidance of B-ultrasound, through a ureteroscope with a skin-kidney channel diameter of only 3 mm, a holmium laser lithotripsy system was used to crush the stones and drain them along the channels. The small surgical incision (only 4 mm in diameter), compared with the traditional kidney incision and lithotripsy, greatly reduced the incidence of renal hemorrhage, rapid postoperative recovery, short hospital stay, and a high rate of stone exhaustion with good results.

Minimally invasive percutaneous nephrolithotomy holmium laser lithotripsy is currently an advanced, effective, minimally invasive treatment for the treatment of kidney stones. It is praised by the majority of patients as a non-invasive lithotripsy and is a gold for modern kidney stones treatment. standard.

Nanjing Hecho Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures and supplies Holmium Laser Fiber. The optical fiber material conforms to medical standards and can be sterilized and sterilized. The part that enters the human body meets the requirements of biocompatibility. Optical fiber monofilament diameter 275/365/550μm, transmission wavelength 400--2500nm, numerical aperture NA0.22, helium-neon laser fiber transmission power ≤800W/cm2 (550μm Quartz High Power Fiber, Nd:YAG CW laser), end structure SMA905 /SMA906/FC/ST and other custom structures are optional.

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