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Application of LIMATA LUVIR technology in 5G PCB LDI laser imaging technology
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Application of LIMATA LUVIR technology in 5G PCB LDI laser imaging technology

Application of LIMATA LUVIR technology in 5G PCB LDI laser imaging technology

October 26, 2021

Article source: LIMATA's official website.

LIMATA's own patent LUVIR. LUVIR high-efficiency solder mask imaging technology includes two types, and at the same time, two laser wavelengths are integrated into a LUVIR imaging unit. This imaging unit contains a customized telecentric optical path and a high-speed (galvanometer-based) 2D scanning system:

The key internally developed LUVIR solution includes precise IR energy control with a resolution of up to 0.1%, pulse and continuous wave power modules matched for IR lasers, a longer-life temperature control system, and a real-time monitoring module that integrates output power measurement. , And a remote assistance and interface make repairs and maintenance easy

UV laser with IR heat injection direct imaging. In the LUVIR imaging process, the high-energy IR laser system activates the polymer of the solder resist ink by locally heating the imaging area (no thermal polymerization reaction). This ensures the accelerated polymerization of the solder mask in the UV laser imaging step, thereby increasing the efficiency up to 7 stouffer levels in all traditional types and types of solder mask processes. This integrates the unique exposure method of UV/IR lasers, and brings a huge increase in imaging speed without affecting the surface quality, resolution and accuracy of the solder mask.

Improved imaging speed and output for all traditional solder mask ink types and colors. Compared with standard multi-wavelength DI machines, LUVIR with higher energy is especially suitable for imaging with high UV energy in the range of 400 – 1,000 mJ/ cm2 of all types and colors of traditional inks (such as green and black), which account for 90% of the standard PCB solder mask process inks. Efficient testing of solder mask inks with LUVIR technology includes Taiyo, Sun Chemicals, Huntsman, Electra Polymers, Peters and Nippon Polytech. The continuous use and imaging of traditional solder masks that have been process-proven further ensure process stability, protect output and Save cost (compared to the more expensive DI ink). If the factory has imported direct imaging ink type (DI) solder mask, such as a large number of PCB batches, LUVIR technology also supports all common DI inks and maintains High speed and high precision level.

The LUVIR modular imaging concept has modular upgradeability. LUVIR can be configured in a modular manner on all LIMATA hardware system platforms according to the individual capacity requirements of different customers, the variety of PCB types and equipment budgets.

LUVIR's capacity configuration modular configuration ranges from a single unit system (X1100_SM) to a complex and diverse product line environment 4-unit system (X2400_SM) for PCB mass production. It can also be equipped with the X3000 series platform for solder mask imaging of ultra-large PCBs (XXL products). The LUVIR imaging module can be upgraded and can be provided on site. (E.g. from 2 unit to 3 unit or 4 unit system)

• LUVIR technology creates a faster material polymerization reaction speed and improves customer actual production data

• There is no limitation on the exposure requirements of DI special solder mask materials, applicable to all ink types

• Reliable quality LUVIR technology hardware system, promises long maintenance warranty period

•Modular upgrade of optical components, saving customers' production capacity growth and purchasing equipment costs

• Fast and time-saving equipment automatic precision correction system and terminal remote fast fault handling mechanism

Hecho Technology chooses 125um quartz double-clad LDI fiber drawn from German Heraeus preform, standard ST/FC input, circular or linear output can be customized, stable and reliable performance.

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