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Medical LED halogen Light Source Module S5000M
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Medical LED halogen Light Source Module S5000M

Medical LED halogen Light Source Module S5000M

January 04, 2024

In the medical field, precise and bright illumination is crucial. The Medical LED  halogen Light Source Module S5000M is a product specifically designed for the medical industry, providing excellent working conditions for medical personnel. This innovative product incorporates a 60W high-brightness LED chip, along with specially designed high-power LED beads and a unique spotlight system, offering a comprehensive lighting solution for medical illumination.


The S5000M features high-speed triggering functionality, enabling fast and accurate illumination in complex medical applications. By combining the high-brightness LED chip with the spotlight system, it provides clear and uniform lighting, significantly enhancing illuminance and assisting doctors in accurate diagnosis and procedures.

To ensure lighting quality that meets the high standards of the medical industry, the S5000M module utilizes a color rendering index (CRI) of RA 90, allowing doctors and nurses to accurately reproduce the patient's condition for precise analysis and judgment.

Compared to traditional 250W metal halide lamps, the Medical LED  halogen Light Source Module S5000M offers significant advantages. It not only provides comparable illumination brightness but also offers energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Its long lifespan design reduces the frequency of lamp replacement and maintenance costs, saving valuable time and resources for medical institutions.

In terms of design, the S5000M module emphasizes detail and high quality. Its sleek and modern appearance seamlessly blends into contemporary medical environments. Apart from its outstanding lighting performance, it also possesses excellent durability and reliability, ensuring long-term stable usage.

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