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Fluorescence Optical Fiber
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Fluorescence Optical Fiber

Fluorescence Optical Fiber

August 17, 2018

Fluorescent fibers are composed of a fluorescent material and some rare elements incorporated into the core and cladding. The fluorescent substance can absorb light in a specific wavelength range, cause itself to be excited, and then emit fluorescence in various directions, wherein the fluorescence whose radiation direction satisfies the total reflection condition of the core-cladding interface will be transmitted along the axial direction of the optical fiber.http://www.gohecho.com/fluorescent-optical-fiber_p57.html

Compared to conventional communication fibers, fluorescent fibers can receive light incident in any direction, rather than only receiving a certain range of light entering the fiber from the end face (the so-called numerical aperture problem). After the fluorescent material receives light of a certain wavelength (excited spectrum), the stimulated radiation emits light energy. The stimulated peak wavelength is different from the peak wavelength of the radiation. This phenomenon is called Stokes frequency shift. For fluorescent molecules, the Stokes shift is about 100 to 200 nm, but this value is affected by other dopants. After the excitation disappears, the persistence of fluorescent luminescence depends on the life of the excited state. This luminescence is usually attenuated exponentially, and the time constant of the decay is called the fluorescence lifetime or the fluorescence fading time.

Polystyrene (PS) and PMMA doped with fluorescent substances are used as the core layer of the optical fiber, and fluororesin has the normal light transmission function as the cortical fluorescent fiber. The biggest feature is that it absorbs light from the side and emits light from the end face, emitting light color. There are red, yellow, green, violet, orange, etc. The diameter of the product is 0.5/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.0mm.

At present, fluorescent fibers have been widely used in decoration, advertising and sensing (light detection such as step, gun sight, bow, arrow sight, light wavelength conversion, etc.).

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