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Applications of Specialty Optical Fibers in the Biomedical Field
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Applications of Specialty Optical Fibers in the Biomedical Field

Applications of Specialty Optical Fibers in the Biomedical Field

December 08, 2023

Optical fibers have wide-ranging applications in biomedical healthcare. Some common applications include:


Fiber Optic Spectroscopy: Fiber optic spectroscopy is a technique used to analyze sample information by studying the wavelength and intensity of light signals. Optical fibers are used for transmission and collection of light signals, working in conjunction with spectrometers and other devices to analyze and diagnose biomarkers, chemical composition, and other characteristics of samples.


Fiber Optic Sensors: Fiber optic sensors utilize the transmission properties of light to detect and measure physical parameters, chemical substances, and more. These sensors can monitor and measure parameters such as temperature, pH value, pressure in samples, as well as biological parameters like cell growth and metabolic rate, providing accurate diagnostic and monitoring data.


Fiber Optic Endoscopy: Fiber optic endoscopy is a medical technique that uses optical fibers to transmit images for observation and diagnosis inside the body. Fiber optic endoscopes are used to inspect and diagnose abnormalities and conditions in organs such as the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, providing doctors with visual imagery and diagnostic insights.


Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT): OCT is a high-resolution imaging technique that uses measurement of light reflection and scattering to obtain tissue images. Optical fibers can be used as transmission media in OCT devices, enabling real-time observation and diagnosis of abnormalities and conditions in tissue structures such as the retina, skin, blood vessels, and more.


Optical fibers play a crucial role in the advancement of biomedical healthcare. With years of experience in specialty optical fiber manufacturing, Nanjing Hecho provides reliable technological solutions to numerous customers in the field of diagnostics and testing, driving progress and innovation in biomedical applications.

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